Black Pepper Causes Cancer

Article #3: Black Pepper Causes Cancer!

Confirmation of Life Science’s teaching that anything taken into the body that is not a food is poisonous and harmful comes from the research laboratory of the University of Kentucky.

Life Science teaches not to use condiments on, in or with our foods—or by themselves. In fact, we teach to eat only foods that are a gustatory delight in themselves. For good health we must eat only those foods that don’t call for the addition of seasonings or spices of any sort. Foods and so-called foods that have to be jazzed up with condiments are unhealthful.

When black pepper was given to mice at the University of Kentucky, they developed problems aplenty, including cancer of the liver, lungs and skin. This is a prime example of how toxic condiments really are. Cayenne pepper, chili powder, salt, basil, cumin seed, caraway, vinegar, garlic and hundreds of other condiments (herbs, seasonings, spices) are likewise pathogenic and carcinogenic.

To attain and maintain health, you need to drop condiments from your life—forever. Eat only fresh raw succulent fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouts. The better your diet, the better you’ll look and feel.

Reprinted from Health Crusader April 1980

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