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I realize that molasses is almost 50% sugar, but wouldn’t it be better to consume this product than pure sugar? After all, 50% is better than 100%!

The fact that molasses contains up to 50% sugar is not its only bad point. The fact that it contains so many other poisonous contaminants, some of which may be carcinogens, is the main reason to stay away from this product. Also, if you are eating a diet of mostly fruits with vegetables, nuts and seeds, additional sweeteners are not necessary or desirable.

I am convinced that the Hygienic diet is best for overall health and I have been on a raw foods program for six months and feel great! But the problem is that my children love junk foods—especially candy, ice cream, cookies and other sweets. How can I get them away from these awful foods?

Congratulations on your wise decision to change to a more healthful diet. Apparently your children crave sweets and this is natural—we all do. The problem is
they are satisfying their sweet tooth with the wrong kind of sweets. First of all, try to not have any of the junk food that you mentioned in your home. Second, replace it with more healthful sweets like fresh fruits and some dried fruits. When one of your children asks for candy, give him some Barhi dates instead, or any other kind of dried dates or figs. I am sure that your children will love them and it will certainly satisfy their sweet tooth.

My mother always gave us molasses to eat. She mixed it with some milk and said that is was a good ”tonic”. I always hated the stuff! Does molasses possess any health benefits?

No, it is a common misconception that molasses possesses health benefits. No food, even the most healthful, has the quality to act, for it is the body which acts upon the food. There are no benefits in eating molasses and, in fact, only harmful results follow its ingestion. The fact that your sense of taste found this “tonic” repulsive is one clear indication that it should not be eaten.

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